Tapestry weaving
  “Art of Textile”
   Weaving while scratching color thread  
       with nails like drawing a picture

Tsuzure ori is a kind of “Nishijin Textile”, the traditional industry in Kyoto Japan.

It is woven without the use of machines, entirely by hand.

Colored threads are woven back and forth repeatedly within the boundary of each color in order to create a pattern. Since it is all woven by hand and because of the subtleness of the patterns, only a few centimeters square can be woven a day. The artisans does not only need immense skill but also a great deal of patience.

Two to three of the Tsuzure weavers fingernails are filed and shaped like a comb to separate the threads for making detailed and intricate designs.

It was brought to Japan from China during the Asuka/Nara period, but the fabric woven was weak and had limited uses and in time, ceased to be produced. During the Edo period, weaving techniques from the Ming and Qing dynasties spread to Japan again, and Tsuzure ori, with its artistic designs, started to be produced.

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